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--- Quote from: funlw65 on November 16, 2021, 12:03:29 pm ---BlackShark, your test program has errors at compilation time on Linux64 Lazarus 2.2.0rc3 and fpc 3.2.2 in bs.test.instancing, lines 313 and 320 (the second parameter of vec2 is tvec2i64 and tvec2f expected). I had to typecast it as int32 to see it in action.

--- End quote ---

  -TBSTestCollada - register of file name fixed;
  -TBSTestInstancing2d - cast to TVec2f fixed;


Thank you for the library, is awesome!

I am glad to present a new version 3.0 of Black Shark Graphics Engine

* all dependencies on LCL/VCL/FMX were removed from all units, for except "bs.viewport";
* a new pure Black Shark application (see examples "/tests/delphi/BSApplication" and "/tests/lazarus/BSApplication"); it is also supported by delphi for linux target compilation;
* a new own system of windows (see example "" through command line parameters in "BSApplicatoin");
* a performance was improved for applications based on TBlackSharkViewPort (LCL/VCL);
* a new own decoder of PNG images;
* automatically support of 32-bit indexes was added for the mesh (for high polygonal meshes); if amount indexes to occur more 65536, then buffer indexes translates from 16-bit to 32-bit format;
* bs.font - range errors were fixed (the errors appear in mode compiling "Range check error");
* a new property "bs.renderer.TBlackSharkRenderer.FPS";
* improve performance for TPath and its descendants: a path with thickness 1 pixel draws through GL_LINE_STRIP;
* bs.align - a fix for right/bottom anchor;
* Channel in Telegram:
Best regards,

"all dependencies on LCL/VCL/FMX were removed"

This is great. I'll give it a try after finishing the current project.

A new version 3.02:
+ TPath was improved:
   + a support of multi color;
   + draws strokes if to set property StrokeLength > 0;
   + because of it changes in TPath, TPathMultiColored was marked as deprecated;
+ BSConfig.MaxFPS switched on for "tests/delphi/VCL/AppTestVCL" and "tests/lazarus/LazTests" projects;
+ now default behavior for TBlackSharkViewport - if BSConfig.MaxFPS is switch off then redraw occurs only when it receives events from OS.

I opened a repository the engine for everybody on


Best regards,


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