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--- Quote ---Thank you for kind words! I hope it will be useful for someone.
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Most likely for 3D losers, like me. Thank you very much :) .

I am glad to announce new version 2.0 of my engine

* license agreement was changed from custom on free LGPL;
* a support of hardware multisampling was added;
* FMX viewport support was added, I ran it only, while is not tested widely yet;

* the canvas (TBCanvas) and its objects:
* a new common mechanism of scale;
* options of align: anchors, margins, paddings, and patterns of align (TObjectAlign) were implemented;
* TFreeShape - a free shape builder with closed counters (see gallery);
* TFog - a simple rectangle background with a custom shader;
* TCanvasLayout - invisible and is not utilizing GPU resources rectangle object;
* TPath - added drag-drop for reference points;
* TrapezeRound;
* TMultiColoredShape;
* TColorSelector;
* TBiColoredSolidLines;
* TBlackSharkPen was removed;
* new controls:
* TBEdit;
* TBSpinEdit;
* TObjectInspector;
* TBForm;
* TBColorDialog;
* TBColorBox;
* TBTrackBar;
* TBGroupBox;
* TBCheckBox;
* TBTable;
* TBComboBox;
* quality fonts rasterisation was a few improved;
* RTTI format translated from binary to xml for possibility compare differencies by VCS;
* KD-Tree was implemented with TBlackSharkKDTree;
* refactoring of the TBScene:
* rendering was taken out to bs.renderer;
* translated to KD-tree;
* refactoring controls: TBScrolledWindow, TBScrollBar, TBButton;
* added a new class THashTable to bs.collection;
* context initialization:
* translated to a shared context;
* smart initialization - without eglChooseConfig by selection of attributes from desirable to supported;
* management of fonts, textures and shaders was translated to global mode, now they are have common manadgers for all contexts;
* new project for autotests (AutoTests.dpr);
* new methods in TBlackSharkViewPort for support of autotests (beginning from "Test");
* updated libEGL and libGLESv2 libraries for Windows;
* an option hardware multisampling was placed to BSConfig.Multisampling;
* now by default only one thread is run for animations and events (the same global GuiThread) (see bs.thread.CreateThreads); you can change it in any time;
* lot of bugs were fixed in space bs.scheme.
Best regards,

Great Works!
Can you increase the anti-aliasing function of the image? :)
like C# GDI+:
 graphics.SmoothingMode = SmoothingMode.AntiAlias;


--- Quote from: Delphi100 on May 06, 2021, 04:34:12 am ---Great Works!

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--- Quote from: Delphi100 on May 06, 2021, 04:34:12 am ---Can you increase the anti-aliasing function of the image? :)
like C# GDI+:
 graphics.SmoothingMode = SmoothingMode.AntiAlias;

--- End quote ---
I have concentrated the settings in the class bs.config.BSConfig and will continue to expand them there. Now unfortunately there is only one options of smoothing. I will try to improve smoothing modes, for example add the number of samples for supersampling. I also want to add to the settings other methods of full screen antialiasing that I previously implemented on shaders.

Your website seems to be offline, currently.


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