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[Solved] lazreport : master/detail bands arranging issue

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I Have a datasets in a master detail relationship and I am facing two problems showing it properly with lazreport .
*The first issue : master header in certain cases appears in the bottom of the page and their details in the next page . and showing each master  header in new page wont help in my case .

*The second issue : at the end of the table I used a master footer band with script visible at the end of the last page witch also  some times appears lonely  in the head of the last page because there are no free space left in the previous page .

I would appreciate any help even a short hints  :)  .

hello again it has been 120 days since posting this  :-[  and it's all my bad I couldn't explain the issue clearly so I upload this image hopefully it clarifies better the problem, I need to keep both detail header band and d├ętail data band in the same page and avoid printing detail header alone in the bottom of the page in some cases when it doesn't suit it.


Right click the header band and you find a few options that may be help you.


--- Quote from: GAN on November 11, 2019, 10:48:04 pm ---Right click the header band and you find a few options that may be help you.

--- End quote ---
thanks GAN for your reply, I already tried  every single option nothing changes except if I select force new page which doesn't  solve the issue it made every single detail table shows in a separate page .

You can try using groups instead of master/detail.
Here is the manual of FastReport that is very similar, check it


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