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Re: [HowTo] Android Development Environment on Linux (FPCUPdeluxe + LAMW)
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I recommend you a Samsung phone, even the cheap ones are good. I have one with only 16gb of disk space (Samsung j5 prime, 2016 model) and I can install everything, except big games, but everything else works. With one of 32gb of space will be enough for everything else.

A friend sent me a Chinese large-screen 'phone a few months ago, and I ended up doing repeated Android reinstalls. I'm not saying that the 'phone is particularly good or bad, but the experience highlighted the necessity of (a) selecting a 'phone for which firmware images are available and (b) making sure that the processor can always be put into a "coldstart" mode where it will accept a new firmware image (none of this "locked for your own protection" lark) and that a suitable upload program for your chosen PC OS is available.

In this particular case the Phone was a King PPTV PP6000, the chip was Mediatek which has a low-level USB upload protocol baked in, and an uploader was available which ran on Linux provided that ModemManager was disabled.

Turbo Pascal v1 on CCP/M-86, multitasking with LAN and graphics in 128Kb.
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