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Eye candy controls hiding tabs of a pagecontrol
« on: May 03, 2019, 12:50:32 pm »
Just installed Eye Candy Controls 0.9.30 from OPM into Laz trunk / fpc 3.0.4 on Win 10 (64 bit) to verify a strange behavior reported in the German Lazarus forum:
  • Add a TPageControl to a form and add at least three tabs to it
  • Add a TECGrid to the second tab
  • Compile and run --> all tabs are visible; the second one contains the grid.
  • Now set the ScrollBars property of the ECGrid to anything different from the default (ssAutoBoth)
  • Compile and run again: the third page is missing from the pagecontrol.
  • If the ECGrid had been added to the first tab instead of the second one, only the first tab will be visible. In general: When the EDGrid has a non-default ScrollBars setting all tabs following the one with the grid will be hidden.
  • The same observation can be made when a TECScheme is added to a tab instead of a TECGrid. This is the other control of the suite which publishes the Scrollbars property.
  • The problem occurs only at runtime. When the ScrollBars property is set for example in the OnShow event of the form everything is normal.
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Mainly Lazarus trunk / fpc 3.2.0 / all 32-bit on Win-10, but many more...


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