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Maybe my first question should be where do I go with KOL-CE questions.....

Anyway, since I started here with KOL-CE, I'll ask it here.

I had some problems installing KOL-CE, so I ended up uninstalling Lazarus completely, and reinstalling it from scratch.  I installed Lazarus 0.9.23 with FPC 2.2.1, and then the arm-wince FPC 2.2.1 part, then KOL-CE 2.80 all together.  I followed the direction here on creating a project.  I added a button to the form after I opened the new lpi file, and double clicked on the button to add a Click event to it.

I got an error screen:

The component editor of class "TKOLObjectCompEditor"has created the error:
"Unable to find method. Plz fix the error shown in the message window."

The messagew window said:

unit1.pas (9,37) Error: unit not found: Classes

Lines 8, 9 and 10 of unit1.pas is:

uses Windows, Messages, KOL {place your units here->}
{$IFDEF LAZIDE_MCK}, Forms, mirror, Classes, Controls, mckCtrls, mckObjs, Graphics;
{$ELSE} ; {$ENDIF}

What am I doing wrong?

It somehow can't find your units correctly. Check your Environment Options and in fpc bin directory check the fpc.cfg.

First try to compile project with empty form.

I guess this is my problem.  I uninstall everything, and remove the c:\lazarus directory.  I then install Lazarus, the arm add-on.  I then open a project that I started before for the Smartphone, and it compiles no problem.  It's unit looks for Classes, and can find it.  I then unzip the KOL-CE files to my components directory, and then follow the directions to install them, and that's when I start getting errors.

It's not like this is an old install with lots of extra components or environmental tweaks.  It's pretty much an out of the box install of Lazarus with arm and KOL-CE, and it's not working.

Did you carefully followed all steps while creating new MCK project?


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