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Re: Add method parameters
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But I do have fond nostalgic memories of Clipper and DBFs from the 1980's and 1990's. ;)
I don't........  :D
Especially during economy-school in 1996-1997 doing the queries with that dBase-Syntax from the commandline.
What was it? List something blahh i think
We were the last class to learn dBase, the following class already switching to Access (Hell, yeah!).
The end result in my final exam was, that i had a choice of DB-System to answer my questionaire.
I choose Access, which everybody proclaimed me insane, since we didn't learn it in class.
The funny thing: The examiners had prepared some fancy sheets, with screenshots from this Access-Query-Builder-Window (no idea what's its name) for the students just to fill out the fields.
I just drew a diagonal line through that sheet, and wrote below: "See solution on my extra sheet", where i wrote down the SQL-command.......
Got a straight "A" for my final exam, which was scheduled for 60 minutes, and i was done after 15.
Examiner (seeing me come to the frontdesk after 15 minutes into the exam): "Yes? Something unclear?"
Me: "No. I'm done"
*dead silence in the classrom*
Examiner: "Err? You sure? Don't you want to look..*interrupt*"
Me: "No! I'm done. (turning around to my classmates) See you in the pub next street in an hour!"
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