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END keyword not uppercase.

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I vote for lower case too.
Although I was a BASIC lover.
(BASIC use uppercase)

Whatever the taste, it is a bug and should be reported in bug tracker.


--- Quote from: segfault on April 01, 2019, 03:30:09 pm ---Is this the official line or the world as it should be according to Thaddy?  :D

--- End quote ---
...See the Lazarus coding guidelines: DesignGuidelines:
...Since one style is easier to read, Lazarus follows the CodeGear Coding Style Guide lines:
3.6 Reserved Words
Reserved words and directives should be all lowercase. This can be a bit confusing at times. For instance types such as Integer are just identifiers, and appear with a first cap. Strings, however, are declared with the reserved word string, which should be all lowercase.

Yes, but it is still a bug when such an option is offered and the end part end up as end. instead of END... This is the case, as wp and I noted.

The whole lowercase and uppercase thing is a bit strange.  The majority of COBOL programs are all written in uppercase and, COBOL in lowercase looks strange. 

I remember using a computer that used BASIC and if you typed something in lowercase, it would automatically uppercase it.   That pretty much settled the issue there... chuckle.

Pascal code doesn't look right in uppercase. 

Ultimately, except with case sensitive languages, it seems to be mostly subjective.


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