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LAMW with jar libraries

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Robert Gilland:
Thanks got the latest rebuilt Lazarus with them and voila errors:

D:\laztoapk\downloads\laz4android2.0.0\config\onlinepackagemanager\packages\LAMW\demos\GUI\AppIntentDemoZXing1\jni\controls.lpr(220,3) Error: (5000) Identifier not found "Java_Event_pOnDown"
D:\laztoapk\downloads\laz4android2.0.0\config\onlinepackagemanager\packages\LAMW\demos\GUI\AppIntentDemoZXing1\jni\controls.lpr(247,3) Error: (5000) Identifier not found "Java_Event_pOnDoubleClick"

Maybe, there is some delay in "onlinepackagemanager" ....

What about direct update from github?

[this events/Identifiers  are in "Laz_And_Controls.pas"]

Robert Gilland:
I got the code directly from directly from GIT and then I exported it into lazarus because onlinepackagemanager does not reflect what is in GIT.



Then you need to re-install [leastwise] the "tfpandroidbridge_pack.lpk"

[remember: to re-install a LAMW package we need a system default project open in Lazarus....
not a LAMW cross-compile project...]

Now, Re-open your project then "Run-->"Clean up and Build..."

--- Quote ---just a  side note:
I am implementing a new "ZBAR" barcode custom component from here:

--- End quote ---

Robert Gilland:
Thank you! that worked.

Does that ZBar component implement the attached aidl files  from


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