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LAMW with jar libraries

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--- Quote from: jmpessoa on July 14, 2021, 11:21:56 pm ---
OK, the JAVA "samples"  is here:

Which of these [samples] do you want to start with?

--- End quote ---

First I need read barcode via Intent, in other device it is enough to use jBroadcastReceiver and jIntentManager, in this device no.
I thought it was enough to add the SDK in the dependencies, but.... :( :o


You can try:   [need only Ant builder....]

jZBarcodeScannerView   [Android Bridges]            and look for demo in LAMW folder            ".....demos/GUI"'
jBarcodeGen                 [Android Bridges Extras]   and look for demo in LAMW folder            ".....demos/GUI"'


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