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Feedback During Long Install/Build

One of the issues I continually have is that when installing a component suite there are several times when it looks like it has completed, but it hasn't. Likewise when rebuilding the IDE clean (for example).

There have been a couple of times when NOTHING is happening and there is no advice and I have been tempted to click the cancel button because it doesn't seem there is anyway forward when, after some minutes, the form (say for compiling/building) disappears and all is good.

It would be useful, and I think fairly simple, to just change the cursor to hourglass or pizza wheel on mac, or to display a message (perhaps flashing) like 'Still working do not touch...'

I'm sure that would stop a lot of potential problems with users like me prematurely terminating a (build?) process.

Just a thought......

Did you see nothing in the ide messagewindow ?


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