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Proposing 4 New Ideas
« on: March 22, 2019, 12:11:58 pm »
I am here proposing 4 new ideas on the following:
Enumerations, Interjections, Multiple Inheritance and Standard Compiler Methods

Everything is contained in the attachment "4ideas.txt"

I will "unpack" this file in the following posts:

#1 - Enumerations:,44756.0.html
My work on enumerations allows enumerations to be embedded within others.

#2 - Interjections:,44757.0.html
I started with an idea called "interjections" long ago and described it on a post to this site. 
The title was "Topic: A Generic Inheriting a Generic in a Generic Way - 1" and Topic: A Generic Inheriting a Generic in a Generic Way - 2".
It is not required to reread that material as I have completely changed the original idea, and re-propose it here.
Interjections allow an easy method to achieve what templates do.
Also, interjections allows the ability to solve the object/class war once and for all.

#3 - Multiple Inheritance:,44758.0.html
I propose a solution to multiple inheritance by allowing methods to exist that cannot be instantiated, but can nonetheless exist and be inherited.

#4 - Standard Compiler Methods:
My ideas on "standard compiler methods" is interesting.

Please enjoy responsibly.
(And tell me what you think!)

Raheman Velji
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