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my gift to advanced testers

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hi folks
this is a little archive I made for fun on windows! but can be easily ported to linux!
it contains
- DOSBox-lfn (an emulated DOS working with long filenames enabled)
- turbo pascal 7.1 installed (turbo7 folder)
- FreePascal 3.04 preinstalled (fpdos folder)

usage under windows OSes :

- unzip the archive on a harddrive at root folder ("\")
- go to the dosbox folder
- run dosbox.exe
edit dosbox.conf with notepad at your convenience to modify ram amount, cpu speed etc etc


in dosbox at prompt

- type "fp" to launch freepascal ide
- type "turbo" to launch tp7 ide realmode ide
- type "tpx" to launch tp7 protected mode ide
- type "install" to reinstall freepascal

I also chiped "cwsdpmi" protected mode driver and its "cwsparam" config tool
note : unfortunately the help system from tp7 is french (i was looking for an english one) ... but who cares? lol

download link for (88011KB)

Moderator update: link removed, please do not refer to illegal content from FPC forum. A French version had been made available for download by the copyright owner some time ago, you may be able to find it on their site and use it from there if necessary.

to port on nix OSes
- get DOSbox LFN enabled and install it
- unzip "fpdos" and "turbo7" folders from the archive
- edit "dosbox.conf"... at the end of the file to mount "fpdos" and "turbo7" as "C:" and "D:" dos drives respectively

Thank you :)


I learnt something with that emulated installation. fpc ide works under 16bits dos protected mode and produces 16bits dos protected mode appz WHILE turbo pascal 7 tpx extended ide works under 32bits dos protected mode but produces dos real mode appz.

I discovered that by following way

dos commands =>

--- Quote ---- lh cwsdpmi.exe -p (* load 16bits dos protected mode driver, "-p" means stay resident TSR *)

- fp (* runs FP IDE, all fine *)

- tpx (* runs turbo pascal 7 ide, won't work complaining about 16bits protected mode  *)
--- End quote ---

TPX says
"16-bit DPMI unsupported.
Loader error (0001): out of memory"

DOS supports ONLY ONE dmpi driver at time


--- Quote from: mercurhyo on March 20, 2019, 09:43:41 am ---- turbo pascal 7.1 installed (turbo7 folder)

--- End quote ---

You cannot distribute that freely. It is still copyrighted material.


that said... you can NOT speed benchmark the 2 compilers/environments. However you can compare pascal dialects compatibility on your owned old sources
Have Fun!


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