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menu item bitmap visible? laz v2.0

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I upgraded from laz 1.84 to 2.0.0 (Fedora 28) and now one menu of my program does not show any more bitmaps.
Source code is same as with 1.8.4 when it worked.

It is a popup color menu with main item "Set Color of" and 5 sub items that have had small color spot 10x10 bitmap in front of selection text showing current color.

I do not paste code yet, first I would like to know has there been any change with menu handling from 1.8.4 -> 2.0.0 ?

Few hours of Googling did not give any help.

Give us more info. It is Qt or GTK2? The menu is main menu or popmenu? Images are from ImageList?

EDIT: The screenshot looks like something custom-drawn.

It is GTK2.

And more mysterious now. This PC x86_64  (Fedora 28 just full updated) it does not work, but i have server an old i386 running Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS  and I can access it via vnc.
There I have same source and also upgraded laz 2.0.0 and when I compile and start program there it shows color spots ok.

Maybe something with 64-gtk2 ?

Got info also from 64 bit ubuntu 18.04. user.
Colors do not show up  with version compiled by laz 2.0.0.   Older binary, compiled with 1.8.4 works also there.

So it seems to be related to 64bits and Laz 2.0.0

Here is simplified program that is made by partially copying from original.


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