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is it better to use 64 bit IDE or 32 bit now days?

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mas steindorff:
In the past, it was recommend that coders use the win32 with the win64 cross build option instead of the 64 bit IDE.
Is that still true?
I build for both targets but I finally was able to track down a memory release bug when I used the 64 bit target option as it gave me more info with line numbers.
If the 64 bit cross build helped me there, would it be better if I used the 64 bit IDE with the 32 bit cross builder?
FYI: I'm limited to the Lazarus 2.0 releases by management at this time.

If you can only use the release versions of both Lazarus and FPC (more so FPC), and you need to compile both x86 and x64 apps, then you are going to find it better to install the 32-bit version of both, with the 64-bit cross-compile edition.

The reason for my advice is that you need at least FPC 3.2 Fixes or Trunk to be able to get the floating point support that will enable you to do a 64-bit install and the 32-bit cross compile.

See this thread where I asked about this a few weeks back:

I went 64-bit by using the fixes versions of both FPC and Lazarus.

mas steindorff:
Thanks ASBzone, 
I see my original search was too limited to find this link. Will use that thread for future comments.  It looks like  some knowledgeable people have given their input on it already.

You could also use the 32 bit IDE twice


--- Quote from: BeniBela on March 17, 2019, 10:29:38 pm ---You could also use the 32 bit IDE twice
--- End quote ---
or use the average of both, 48 bits.


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