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[solved]pas2js configuration?


Here is my configuration:
Lazarus 2.0.1 Svn-Revision 60692, fpc 3.0.4, x86_64-win64
pas2js-windows-1.4.0RC6 installed in subfolder in lazarus folder: d:/lazarus/pas2js

I followed instructions from here and set path of pas2js to:

I opened the example democanvas2d.lpi and tried to compile but I get error:
Project: Executing command before: cannot find executable "pas2js.exe", Errors: 1
Panic: internal error: cannot find executable "pas2js.exe"
What is wrong? What should I set for path of pas2js?

Only when I change the command in [Project Options > Compiler Options > Compiler Commands> Execute Before Command:] to D:\lazarus\pas2js\bin\pas2js.exe then I can compile it.

For the examples this helps:
i fixed that error by opening the .lpi file and replace $MakeExe(pas2js)
from the topic.,44545.msg313519.html?PHPSESSID=idgsg6le613ek6vuac18gesom4#msg313519

This should be fixed in pas2js 1.4.0RC6.
What version did you try?

pas2js-windows-1.4.0RC6 from here


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