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Mode ISO and Modeswitch ISOIO
« on: March 15, 2019, 05:59:12 pm »
Linux versions, installable downloads

In FPC 3.0.4, {$MODE ISO} allows file variable notation (filevar^.field1) and provided Get/Put calls (in addition to Read/Write).
The downside to ISO mode is the loss of non-ISO features (strings, etc).

To narrow down the mode, I tried using {$MODESWITCH ISOIO} to provide just ISO-based I/O operations (while retaining the other "perks" of FPC).
But this was flagged by the compiler with a:
"Warning: Illegal compiler switch "ISOIO"
and any file variable references (filevar^.field1) were flagged with:
"Error: Illegal qualifier"

In a current snapshot FPC 3.3.1, {$MODESWITCH ISOIO} is now recognized (Thank you) as are the file variable references, however Get/Put calls are flagged with a:
Error: Identifier not found "put"

Is the exclusion of Get/Put support within ISOIO an oversight, is it being worked on,
or am I missing something?

Thank you


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