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New version of VirtualU
« on: March 09, 2019, 06:44:20 pm »
    We would like to announce a new version of VirtualU, a clip maker, editor and movie building program made with Lazarus. Unlike previous buggy versions, this version has the new menu items shown below:

                                   Transparencies                                                                                 Image
                 Design a forced transparency - Method 1                                            Change image color to solid color
                 Design a forced transparency - Method 2                                            Apply image color change
                 Design a forced transparency - Method 3                                            Remove sample box
                 Design a forced transparency - Method 4                                            Bring sample box to front
                 Make a transparent mask - Method 1                                                 Cancel image color change
                 Make a transparent mask - Method 2                                                 Image color change instructions
                 Make a transparent mask - Method 3                                                 Change contrast/hue/luminance/saturation
                 Make a transparent mask - Method 4                                                 Apply contrast/hue/lum/sat changes
                 Design and make a forced transparency - Method 5                            Cancel contrast/hue/lum/sat changes
                 Design and make a forced transparency - Method 6                            Contrast/hue/lum/sat instructions
                 Remove mask - Methods 1 and 3
                 Move mask to front
                 Change mask center transparency status
                 Show instructions
                 Remove mask - Methods 2 and 4
                 Repair/Unrepair a forced transparency (and other images)
                 Use alternative scan method - (Method 3)
                 Halt mask-making process (Methods 3 and 4)
                 Remove mask - Methods 5 and 6
                 Use eraser
                 Eraser size
                 Undo erasure
                 Pick mask/foreground color by mouse click
                 Make import color be transparent - Method 7
                 Remove method 7 alterations
                 Make import color be transparent - Method 8
                 Remove method 8 alterations
                 Manually make a foreground transparency
                 Get color sample

    This program is a work in progress and is totally free. The folder that contains VirtualU is portable so it will run from anywhere on a computer without the need for installation. VirtualU works on all Windows systems from WindowsXP up to Windows10 on any machine with at least 512 MB of memory. It runs in either default or compatibility mode.
    We hope that video enthusiasts will find this program to be a useful tool and that it's worthy of Lazarus and a good example of what can be accomplished with Lazarus. Improvement of this program has been constant and the new menu items on the main working page provide vast possibilities with transparencies, overlays and color work.
    Just about any picture or video can be turned into a background or foreground custom transparency. These new tools are more than 6 times faster than they used to be because of recent research, testing and help from this forum.
    VirtualU has a "retro" "art deco" appearance complimented by the obvious presence of considerable tech capabilities.
    The main challenge right now is to make video buffs aware of the existence of VirtualU and what it can do.
    The zipped file that contains VirtualU and the instructions may be downloaded from the safe and reliable addresses below at OpenDrive cloud storage. The zip file is 37 MB and the unzipped folder is 171 MB.

    VirtualU download link:

    Instructions link:

    Old demo movie link:


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