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--- Quote from: Thaddy on March 01, 2019, 10:05:40 am ---What I find fascinating is that on Sourceforge a project that is often called "niche" has such a following that on Sourceforge it can be called "mainstream" instead....

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Because sourceforge is niche as well nowadays


--- Quote from: BeniBela on March 01, 2019, 11:39:50 am ---Because sourceforge is niche as well nowadays

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Wishful thinking? They still host at least 50% more mainstream projects than e.g. github. And largely dropped the more intrusive commercial approach they implemented because of the backlash they received.
It is now all rather non-intrusive, even to my taste. But indeed, FOSS diehards would rather see sourceforge as a niche platform. Alas: it isn't. It is still the industry leader.
I have no real opinion of what is best ( i like both examples given) , but you must have the facts right. Facts are not open to opinion...

Well, in the past we have been pitted against projects like "smplayer" which were hopeless from the start.

Either those projects are no longer at SF, or the selection procedure changed.

Quite a lot of github using projects still use SF for filereleases it seems.

Laz screenshoot is pretty old (0.9.30), maybe you should send new one eg. 2.0 with more windows opened

And the docked IDE


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