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Thank you for everything you do!

Had been wasted a bit on Visual Studio 2017 C# WPF
things are complicated, probably due to other possibilities unknown;

then some samples from Internet around Bitmaps goes by Bitmap then BitmapImage and things are not compatible with the workflow to just assign the bitmap to a "TImage"; unbelievable;

and then Project of the Month here;

Congratulations also from my side! Release 2.0 was such a big development step, especially for MacOS users like me. I develop on MacOS 64Bit Cocoa no problem, then transfer the project to Windows, recompile. No change, same look and feel as on the Mac. That's great! So I built a small appointment management app for friends with a doctor's office, they are thrilled.
And for me personally interesting, first in this thread I became aware that I can also develop nodejs programs with Lazarus. This is really a big step forward and it fixes a lack in some areas of my professional life.
Many thanks for this achievement and their outstanding commitment to the whole Lazarus team.


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