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PAS2JS standard configuration in Lazarus 2


Has anyone tested the pas2js in Lazarus 2.0?

I've installed the pas2jsdsgn to the IDE.
But I'm missing the pas2js.exe.
When I start a webbrowser project, the IDE comes with the message

--- Quote ---The current FPC has no config file. It will probably miss some units. Check your installation of FPC
--- End quote ---
Than this message appears:

--- Quote ---Error

The project uses target OS=browser and CPU=i386.
The system.ppu for this target was not found in the FPC binary directories.
Make sure fpc is installed correctly for this target and the fpc.cfg contains the right directories.

--- End quote ---

Did you install pas2js too? It is still required.

--- Quote ---Requires Lazarus 1.9+ and either a pas2js snapshot or svn checkout (see here).
--- End quote ---

Strange that you still have to download the required files from the SVN to get it work.
I always thought that Lazarus 2.0 was ready to use with default pas2js

This problem is solved

Now I have another problem, but therefore I create a new topic

At the moment pas2js has a higher release frequency than Lazarus.
I hope to release pas2js 1.4 this week.

It is planned to bundle pas2js with the Lazarus release. So much todo, so little time...


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