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Problem with ODBC and clob data
« on: October 16, 2007, 02:12:45 pm »
My system is Linux (SUSE 10.1) and i try to retrive data from IBM DB2 database with ODBC connection (unixODBC).
I use TODBCconnecion and TSQLQuery. All the system work fine for all kind of data (i.e. blob), but with the clob data the result of query is incorrect, like:
"⃈…„?@ÅÕåññðð@`@Á™£‰ƒ–“–z@ôõñ ...."

I use for blob and clob:

"if self.SQLQuery1.Fields.Fields.IsBlob then
.       BlobField:=TBlobField(self.SQLQuery1.Fields.Fields);
.      if not(BlobField.IsNull) then  Result:=fb.Value; "

Where is the (my) error?
Can you help me?


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RE: Problem with ODBC and clob data
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2007, 02:50:02 pm »
I have discovered the problem. There is not error: the problem born when the clob data is inserted on database by "AsString" way.
If the clob data is inserted by "AsBlob" way all work fine.
I can't modify the method that write tha clob data on database and so for me is necessary read the clob data in other way.
I have modified the function TODBCConnection.LoadField: I have introduced a castom way for manage the
(the source code is the same for ftBlob but I have used             SQL_C_CHAR             and                  BlobBufferSize:=StrLenOrInd+1)


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