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Re: [solved]Application Bundle
« Reply #15 on: February 13, 2019, 09:01:29 pm »
@Mr.X: I'm not referring to LazXProj, but a tool I've written myself, so I know all the steps are in there ;)
I wasn't even speaking about compiling, but looking at the steps it performs.

Windows has permissions as well. Actually, dealing with ACLs on Windows is way more complex than on Linux/Unix - but I agree you don't have to usually.

Again, it's not a Dropbox issue. It's a common Linux/Unix (and therefore Darwin/MacOS) thing - files copied over don't have the execute flag set automatically. It could've been a USB stick, a floppy (if anyone still knows what that was), any WebDAV space, any other cloud storage service...

Try to understand it as a positive expected security feature. Stuff from unknown sources can't get executed accidently. Either the Dropbox person didn't know non-Windows, or he found it to be too obvious ;)

By the way, Windows permissions are not stored and restored by Dropbox either. Nor by... you get it ;)

@dbannon: either .dmg, or installers in the form of .pkg (which is required if you want to distribute through the App Store, for example).


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