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Split goDontScrollPartCell into separate horizontal and vertical options



in my projects, I often use StringGrid instances where I only want to scroll vertically (and only use vertical scroll bars). For the sake of a pleaseant appearance, the columns are wide enough to horizontally cover the complete space, with and without a visible scroll bar. Hence, sometimes, clicking on some cells leads to a horizontal scrolling, since not all parts of all cells are visible. This could be prevented by enabling the option "goDontScrollPartCell", which, however, also deactivates scrolling vertically for partially visible cells.

I'd really appreciate to split the above option for a separated control of the horizontal and the vertical scrolling behavior.

I usually do this myself for each version of Lazarus that I install, which means to adapt the Unit Grids after each install. So, if this feature is of common interest and does not break compatibilities (maybe in terms of having _additional_ separate options complementing the direction-independent one), I hope for a common solution.

Thanks a lot!



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