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As a result of experiments with FPC generics:
Tested on Windows and Linux.

Collection of generic algorithms and data structures entirely written in/for FPC and Lazarus. Started as a self-education project, it now seems quite comfortable and fast. In order to use it (FPC 3.1.1 and higher and Lazarus 1.9.0 and higher):

-    open and compile package LGenerics/packages/LGenerics.lpk.
-    add LGenerics package to project dependencies.

Implemented primitives:

-    stack(unit LGStack)
-    queue(unit LGQueue)
-    deque(unit LGDeque)
-    vector(unit LGVector)
-    vector of bits(unit LGVector)
 -   priority queue based on binary heap(unit LGPriorityQueue)
 -   priority queue with key update and melding based on pairing heap(unit LGPriorityQueue)
 -   sorted list(unit LGList)
 -   hashed list - array based list with the ability to fast search by key(unit LGList)
 -   hashset(unit LGHashSet)
 -   sorted set(unit LGTreeSet)
 -   hash multiset(unit LGHashMultiSet)
 -   sorted multiset(unit LGTreeMultiSet)
 -   hashmap(unit LGHashMap)
 -   sorted map(unit LGTreeMap)
 -   hash multimap(unit LGMultiMap)
 -   tree multimap(unit LGMultiMap)
 -   list miltimap(unit LGMultiMap)
 -   bijective map(unit LGBiMap)
 -   sparse 2D table(unit LGTable2D)
 -   disjoint set(unit LGHashSet)
 -   sparse labeled undirected graph(unit LGSimpleGraph)
 -   sparse labeled directed graph(unit LGSimpleDigraph)

Nice. Don't forget to add link to wiki:

If possible add into OPM  and a wiki with examples

It has a big issue: I assume for speed there is an over-use of {$H-} which not everybody likes, because it limits its applicability.
Compliments, with the restriction that it is nice code, but with niche application because of its reliance on short strings.
I am not even sure the many $H+ and $H- switches over the units are always correct.... or that every string  in $H- mode has the guaranteed correct size..
I would not accept that in production code.

Don't let that discourage you, but document the limitation. O:-)


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