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"SuperCAD" translation from Delphi6+G32

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--- Quote from: emjtech on January 17, 2019, 08:41:05 am ---I wrote that using Delphi 6 + other libraries : G32 for fast graphics , Hipergrid , DragDrop , ExColorGrip , Thtml , JEDI and some mine.

--- End quote ---

* Graphics32: There was a recent discussion here (,43903.msg308049.html): the Lazarus port on the author's github currently cannot be installed, and the other Lazarus port by PilotLogic (pl_graphics32) available via OnlinePackageManager has memory leaks.
* Hypergrid: I don't know what that is. Please specify where it comes from. Are you aware that the lazarus grids are much more powerfull than the Delphi grids? If you still need a third-party grid you could have a look at KGrid available through the KControls on OnlinePackageManager
* ExColorGrid: Again, i don't know what that is... If you mean advanced color selection components you can have a look at mbColorLib ( which is in Online Package Manager as well
* THtml: Is this the HtmlViewer? That is available through Online Package Manager
* JEDI: A limited selection of JVCL components has been ported to Lazarus (; the others often are not needed because their features are available in the LCL directly.

I missed an interesting topic(( Where can I see your program?


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