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"SuperCAD" translation from Delphi6+G32

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Even I am an hardware engineer I write some software.
On 2007 I write the basics of a good Electronics CAD, and I completed it over the years while I work till now.
Now is the Best CAD, incomparable to smaller CADs (like OrCAD) I called it CAEdraw.
I wrote that using Delphi 6 + other libraries : G32 for fast graphics , Hipergrid , DragDrop , ExColorGrip , Thtml , JEDI and some mine.

I want to move the code to Lazarus, at least I will need a Fast graphics library since the CAD displays images limited in size only by the available memory.
Currently because of the limitations of Delphi 6 +G32 is 3Gby , one motivation for the translation is overcome that limitation and be able to display up to 60Gby of graphics, however to move such big canvas the interface should be fast and he should use the GPU.

Can someone recommend me a Fast graphics unit?
Any tips are welcome, this translation will be a BIG task.


Here is a list of graphics libraries available for Lazarus/FPC:

Try BGRABitmap first, it has tutorials that can help beginners to learn it easily:

If BGRABitmap is not what you're looking for, maybe you want to use OpenGL:

But I recommend you look ZCAD first. It is written using Lazarus and the developer is active in this forum. And don't forget to check TitoCAD.,16665.msg90879.html#msg90879,16665.msg284091.html#msg284091

Thank you very much

Thanks but the CADs you post are not for electronics.
My CAD is for Electronics, it includes
Schematics design,
Board layout
FPGA design
Logic Simulations
Thermal analysis
MTBF calculations
BOM (Components list) including actual cost from the Interrnet
Stock components management
Hours spent on design layout analysis simulations etc.
and more
Hopefully it will be also here on Lazarus

As far as I know ZCAD originally is for Electronic, but it now becomes general purposes.

I heard ZCAD now has a fork for Electronic:,16665.msg296303.html#msg296303

You can contact ZCAD author @zamtmn for more detail. Maybe you can work together.


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