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[BUG?]TImage (another one)



I'm evaluating lazarus/FPC to possibly switch to it. However, I can't get a simple TImage demo to work. A few issues:

1- First, I was unable to see any bitmap I loaded (design or runtime). Took me a while to figure out the visible property of the TImage was (by default) false. It really should be true (just a suggestion).

2- If I try to put a value into (TImage).canvas.pen.color gotten from a call to random(256*256*256) after a while (a few iterations) I get an Access Violation...

--- Code: ---var
i: integer;
r: TColor;
     for i:= 0 to NUMLINES -1 do begin
         r:= random(256*256*256);
         //writeln(r, '  ', i);
         canvas.Pen.Color:= r;
         canvas.MoveTo(Random(500), Random(250));
         canvas.LineTo(Random(500), Random(250));
--- End code ---

3- If I run this code on a TImage, if visible is true it paints the lines, but then draws a black rectangle above it...


Oh yeah, and I'm on win32, with latest (at least I think it is the latest) snapshot


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