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lazarus error, need help

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This image is not different tha the first one.  We need more info to help you

I have install :
fpcsrc-1.9.5-040821.tgz with  Lazarus lazarus-040822.tgz)  on freebsd 5.21 /4.10
lazarus- with fpc_1.9.3 on freebsd 5.21 /4.10
lazarus0.9.1.2 with fpc 1.9.3 on freebsd 4.10
lazarus- and fpc_1.9.2_040106. on freebsd 4.10
get same error as above screenshot
I don't know how to fix it,so I deinstall and  reinstall many times  . thinks.


you need all 3 links listed under lazarus

so if you want the lazarus binary from lazarus-040822.tgz you need a compiler and compiler source version fpc_1.9.5_040808  

If you want to build lazarus yourself, the fpc version and fpc source version needs to be the same.

I  have install fpc sources and set Environment Options->fpc source directory to "/root/Desktop/fpc "(I am decompressing fpcsrc package file there and install it)
I can using lazarus open examples project and compile them without error,but I can't edit new button(or other component  I drop to form) envents procedure code. if I double click the button component  ,It alert "error in Tdefaultcomponenteditor " msgbox as screenshot.

I built fpc_1.9.5-src using fpc 1.0.10 compiler ,then  built lazarus using fpc_1.9.5 compiler , and then rebuilt fpc_1.9.5-src with fpc_1.9.5 compiler .something wrong?


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