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lazarus error, need help

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This looks good.
Did you try Environment, Rescan FPC directory ?

yes ,I do it ,but no error message.

What do you have configured as compiler in environment options ? (path to fpc)

I hace configured  environment options->
 fpc compiler path ->/usr/local/bin/ppc386  //run ppc386 -i    version is 1.95  
 fpc src  path  -> fpc_1.9.5-src directory  where i build fpc_1.9.5 compiler.
Lazarus can compile and run  anything(in exampels) fast  without error,I sure  environment configure is correct.

Environment is not used when compiling examples. Environment is for lazarus itself.

I now see something strange in your picture:
Lazarus is complaining that while pasing the file /root/Desktop/fpc/fcl/classes/freebsd/classes.pp it cannot find system. But in fpc 1.9.5 the classes dir is moved to the rtl.
So that sould be /root/Desktop/fpc/rtl/objpas/classes

What version of sources do you have ? Have you installed different versions in the same location ?


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