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I think it's pronounced the way the biblical character is pronounced in each language.
This may differ in English, German, French....
In German it's like Latin, something like Law'tsaw'roos (trying to write german pronunciation in english ;-)

Japanese pronounce takes L, Z, R and S from english and A and U from italian, wich in this case results identical to latin. In (american) spanish it is pronounced Lássarus. In portuguese it is Lázarus.

However, the biblical character is called Lázaro in portuguese and spanish (american z=ss), Lazare (zá) in french.

Thank you all ;) it is now fixed to 라자루스 (pronounced [lázarus])

Web translator translate 라자루스 as "Loose to sleep".
I can't wait to read your page using this translator   :D

LOL. I think it has no mean, it is a convention to write foreign words, a phonetic transcription.  

It is valid only for the sound, like our alphabet.

Occidental languages use International Phonetic Alphabet to represent unique sounds of any language, as you can see on dictionaries.

Unicode has also phonetic symbols based on it, .

Yes, Lazarus is transposing all borders. Good luck, Toe Peu.

If you have interest on the matter, there is even a japanese transliteration site on , beyond the IPA site on

See also

Approximating the english pronunciation of [a] you could write ['la:za:rus]


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