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Re: Controlled Stack overflow?
« Reply #15 on: January 03, 2019, 11:02:29 am »

The trouble is that stack overflow checking is meant for graceful exits, not full recovery.

Thaddy I agree. Interesting discussion what my test-program made.
Back to my original application, it runs with maxstacksize $FFFFFF and the recursive function is a quicksort.
The real Stackoverflow occured, and I catched it and the program kept alive and could go on with "divide et impera"
making temporary files. So far good result for me.
The only problems: the 64bit EXE grown by 100% (in 32bit no STOFL can occure so I can save the TRY), it runs slower  :(
and additionally the catch fails anyway because Windows swapped memory (like 14 GB and so on) and then Runtime
Error 5 occures.   So I have definitely no advance from catching the STOFL but rather detect and prevent by my own
divide and merge.


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