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Re: FFGrab4Laz = How to record with FFmpeg and Lazarus
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So it is probably caused by the CPU load...
It's quite easy to differ, where this AudioLatency comes from:

If You hear the Sound asynchron, while watching the Stream, it's the AudioLatency of Your System.
To improve that, You can:
- optimize Your SystemSettings for Audio (e.g. Priority)
- lower the AudioQuality in Your SystemSettings (SampleFormat, SampleRate)
- use a better/faster SoundCard and/or use a better/faster SoundDriver

If You hear the Sound synchron, but the recorded File is asynchron, it's the CPU-Load.
In this Case, You have to try around to optimize the FFmpeg-CommandLine for Your PC.

To check the AudioLatency on Windows, I use the 'DPC Latency Checker v1.4.0' by Thesycon.
It's not available any more on the Thesycon-Site, but it can still be downloaded, e.g. here.
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