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Lazbuild and anchordocking
« on: November 16, 2018, 06:22:59 pm »
Objective: After installing lazarus, run a batch procedure to install anchordocking and sparta_dockedformeditor packages so that the windows are docked.

Win10 home, lazarus-1.8.4-fpc-3.0.4-win32.exe

1. Manually install lazarus
2. Run lazarus to initially build the IDE
3. Exit lazarus
4. run lazbuild to install anchordocking

I tried several variations of the following:
C:\lazarus>lazbuild.exe --add-package C:\lazarus\components\anchordocking\anchordocking.lpk --build-ide="Normal IDE"

I get the error:
Error: (lazbuild) Package C:\lazarus\components\anchordocking\anchordocking.lpk is only for runtime.

Does this mean I can't use lazbuild to install anchordocking, or am I doing something wrong?

Is there another option to install anchordocking other than via the manual menu method IDE Package Install/Uninstall packages?

Actually, the manual process to install anchordocking and sparta_dockedformeditor is easy and fairly fast, I'm just experimenting with how to automate the install process.