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next year Google+ will be suspended and so will be the Free Pascal / Lazarus community there. As you maybe know the majority of the users is really satisfied with this forum. I was thinking about what is/was the advantage of Google+ communities over this forum for me (really a subjective view), and it turns out, that I am missing a stream of recent posts in a tree-view like structure (answers indented to the original post). I know that there is the "Recent posts" link, but it would be really nice to be able to view answers to a post indented, not on the same flat level. With that option the forum would be so much more usable for me!

Is there any existing option or plugin to get this working? As I'm really experienced with web development and PHP, I would also be able to create such an extension by myself...

I would do it completely in Object Pascal using the standard libraries. E.g pas2js is damned good!

It is not treeview, but;sa=recent;limit=10;type=rss

It does not indent, but it adds "re:"

There are other feeds and feed formats. Google, or

Personally, I would not like such a feature implemented, as I got very much used to the forum as it is now and I think I would be lost in the tree.

The one thing I really miss in this forum is the recent topics list -- like what we have on the right hand side, but not limited to ten topics only. The "Show recent" on the left side is not a substitute, as it lists all posts, not topics.

Interesting that you can configure the RSS feeds. But this would require an extra (RSS feed) client, I thought of an integrated view directly in this forum...


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