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« on: November 13, 2018, 10:34:11 am »
I am interested in learning how to design and implement multithreaded code in pascal. Could anyone direct me to external supplementary sources of information on this subject? I am already studying the wiki articles but I feel like they assume a level of knowledge/experience I don't have yet.

Also studying this:

However, lack of code specific examples are somewhat of a barrier to my understanding when it comes to implementation. So far I get it in theory... I think.

Anyways, ever hungry for information, though broke as a joke so keep in mind anything I'd have to buy will be useless to me.

Many thanks btw to those who have helped me understand and implement OOP, generics, etc. I'm happy to report my constructs are now elegant, efficient, stable, and extremely versatile. Y'all rock! :D


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Re: multithreading
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A good introduction is simply with sourcecode here

Martin Harvey's complete guide is the ultimate best since almost 20 years. and 100% Freepascal compatible. (I host that longer, but without some images and code, Nick hosts a complete version)
If you work through that you know * a lot * more about correct thread programming than even most senior and hero members here.  :o 8-) O:-)
It is Windows oriented, because of its age, but the theory is equally valid for other platforms.

And don't forget the programmers manual
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Re: multithreading
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Thanks Thaddy :D
These look to be exactly what I need.


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