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issues about QT5 widget related
« on: November 12, 2018, 06:07:22 pm »
Compile -trunk under linux and macos with QT5 widgets, meet some issue, not very sure to report a bug, so paste here first.

all with QT5 5.11.2, and cbingdings build from source of trunk.

the main form of IDE, will move down it's position every start, the offset is the title bar's height.
I'm use xfce desktop with a single panel on the button.

ex: move this window to top of screen, then close and start again, the Top will move down, after another restart, the Top will move down again.

btw: make a simple application build with QT5 wedigets, it's ok and no shift down.

macOS, version 10.13.6, my MBP is too old to upgrade to 10.14
"Tools -> Options..." entry is missing, only a "Preferences..." found under "Lazarus", and it not open the Options form.
after some try, I found "Command + ;" will open the Options form, but it's could not be resized.

any advise is welcome.