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I fixed BgColor in the current trunk version, and it is a published property now. It is used unless a background color or background image is defined inside the html string.

Not sure about backporting to v2.0RC3 as the new version will soon be released. If you don't use trunk you can fix your version with these changes:

* Open the file iphtml.pas in the folder components/turbopower_ipro. Make a backup copy first.
* Find procedure TIpHtmlFrame.InitHtml and add the line: "FHtmlBgColor := FViewer.BgColor;", maybe after "FHtml.VLinkColor := ..."
* Find procedure TIpHtmlNodeBODY.Render. In the "else" branch of "if ScaleBitmaps" there is a "Owner.Target.Brush.Color := clWhite;". Replace the "clWhite" by "Owner.BgColor". You probably can replace also the two other "clWhite"s in this procedure in the same way.
* Find the "published" declaration section of TIpHtmlPanel. Add a "property BgColor;".
* Reinstall the component.


--- Quote from: bobix on November 06, 2018, 10:18:50 am ---I dont think that TIpHTMLPanel has css support

--- End quote ---
Wrong, it does have css support, but not for all fancy features. "background-color" is supported.

Thank you very much @wp!
Glad to hear this is still in development and gets improved so quickly!
Good to have a fix instead of having to use a workaround :)


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