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WinAutoKey v1.0.0
« on: October 27, 2018, 11:18:38 pm »
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A freeware automation unit for Free Pascal and the Lazarus IDE on the Windows operating system.

WinAutoKey is designed to be used with the Object-Pascal dialect of Free Pascal, and the Lazarus rapid-development IDE, versus the BASIC-like syntax and less-functional IDEs of other popular automation tools.

With WinAutoKey you don't have to try and remember a second programming language - everything is written in Pascal!

Design objectives:

  • No third party packages required - uses the standard FPC/Lazarus distribution.
  • Use function names from AutoIT and/or AutoHotKey. Not intended to be full a full implementation of these tools.
  • UTF8 support.
  • Windows operating system only.
  • Promote the use of the Free Pascal language and Lazarus IDE.

Why Another Automation Tool for Windows?

Other automation tools, such as AutoIt and AutoHotKey, are fantastic tools with great documentation. However, the BASIC-like syntax of these tools can be difficult to remember and cumbersome to use. Free Pascal is a modern object-oriented programming language that is mature, well documented, easy to use, and features rapid-development using the Lazarus IDE.

This all started because I wanted a fast and easy method to switch my audio devices on Skype for Business on Win10. It takes six clicks and I often click on the wrong device.  It seems like forever while people wait for me to get my audio device selected. I determined there was no easy way to do this in code other than with automated keystrokes.  I dreaded having to re-learn AutoIt or AutoHotKey so I decided to advance my knowledge of FPC and my efforts just blossomed into WinAutoKey.  Now it only takes two clicks and I can seamlessly change my Skype audio devices with minimal impact to a conversation.

WALT demo
WALT is my Windows Admin Launch Tool using WinAutoKey, attached.
It only runs on Windows 10.
See attached screen shot.
WALT is used to quickly open special folders in windows for admin purposes.