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Dutch OSS Project looking for developers!

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Very recently a new Open Source Software (OSS) project has been started in the Netherlands to develop the Dutch beer brewing software BrouwHulp further. The creator of the program is too busy to maintain the software so decided to release it to the community. The sources will be available shortly. We are in the process of creating a project to bring development further.

We are looking for bright and cheerful Dutch-speaking software engineers with experience with Lazarus/Pascal. The software is in Dutch, but we might plan an English version later.

It is totally OK if you never brewed your own beer. Good chance you will get interested and develop a new hobby :).

Any help is greatly appreciated!

If I check out the sources somewhere? I'd like to take a look.

An English version would be very interesting. Is the plan to put the current version on github?


Sources are not available yet but will be in the next week. Github:

An English version is not our primary focus at this point but might be in the future. I have no idea if the code is prepared for internationalization or if this would mean a lot of (re)work.


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