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Missing memory dump in debug windows


I'm rather new to Lazarus. In Delphi (old versions),
there is a memory dump available under View/Debug Windows/CPU.

In Lazarus I only found View/Debug windows/Assembler
with assembler, but no hex memory dump.

Am I missing something or there is no such option?

There is currently no memory dump window (it is on the todo, but with lots of other stuff)

you can enter a watch, and change it to output a memory dump. But it will usually only dump the amount of data used by the watched type. (use it together with the watch window extended side panel = last button on toolbar)

In addition to Martin's suggestion above, you can also try one of these:

1. Debug your executable using MS Visual Studio.  This thread gives you an idea of how it's done,42000.msg295128.html#msg295128

2. Use Process Hacker 2 to view the process memory.  Free download, nice, very useful utility.


Thanks! Very useful tips.

One, perhaps can also try

1.1.15 Release is old but stable

v1.3.19-beta is promising but on my win7x64 crashes on half the processes


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