Author Topic: [SOLVED] Insert character panel?  (Read 5605 times)


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Re: Insert character panel?
« Reply #15 on: October 13, 2021, 07:51:41 am »
Really, what is the problem to re-read a message after posting?
Or use "Preview" button before clicking "Post"...
I am not sure if preview works, I usually check after posting, because the Lazarus forum changes the font size to ultra-small quite often. But this time I have forgotten, sorry.
So @WP's solution works, I have downloaded the eplus.exe to take a look at @Bart's component (the Lazarus inbuilt character inserter needs some changes, IMHO), but for some reason „Invoegen/Speciale tekens“ (actually the whole „Invoegen“) is grayed in the menu.
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Лазар 2,2,0 32 bit; FPC3,2,2; rev: Lazarus_2_2_0 on W10 64bit.


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