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What now?


Hello All,
I am *very* new to Lazarus - having just downloaded both binaries for Windows and Linux.
The Windows install went off just fine, no hiccups or probs and all work very well.

The problem I am having is with the Linux install.
I downloaded fpc-1.9.5-040808.i386.rpm into a directory /home/lew/Downloas.
From a root consol I then ran rpm -i to install.
This appeared to go OK with the resulting message Running in Linux and Write permission in  /etc.  Writing sample config file to  /etc/fpg.cfg

Now what????

Is there a seperate GUI file to download, or what do I do now to be able to write an application?

Hope someone can help!



Vincent Snijders:
you installed the compiler, now also install lazarus and fpc sources. Read this topic:


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