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Looking for just 1 good developer that can guide me through building my own application within 1 month.

What I need;
Direct support on specific questions I have
Suitable pieces of code to use directly in my application
Should be able to response within 4 hours of the questions
Should be available for the next 30 days

What I offer;
I got $1000, - to spare for this so please PM me

Can you please provide more info, like:
- What is the target platform? Windows, Linux, etc ...
- It is a database application?
- Is yes, what database is it? MySql, Firebird, ...
- Is it graphics and multimedia programming?
- Is it web/network programming?

Windows platform
database application (mysql)
calculation an registration of information
network programming

Wow ... database + network.

I guess only super-duper experienced seniors can help you. You should check their post counts, they should at least have 3000+ posts. :)

:) not like that.

The database will be on a server and the application needs to connect to the database.
The database can also be on a different location.
applications needs to be able to switch between different databases. (is partly allready done)

Thxs for the advise to check on the posts count; ;) 


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