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Re: nested helpers - a call for help
« Reply #15 on: August 28, 2018, 11:02:34 pm »
My experiments show it is possible to maintain the actual data, but not with your required syntax. I give up. :(
Yes, unfortunately that's the same conclusion I came to myself before asking for help. Pointers and overlays work but syntax gets too ugly and non-intuitive to be useful as everyday tool. I will probably just document this behavior and give an example for overlay workaround. Shame, since it would really be nice to be able do such a thing. Because of nested helper behavior I am more biased now to leave it as a separate unit instead of extending original helpers in sysutils, but I have not yet decided. What do you think about it now from this perspective?

Maybe Sven has an enlightening idea?
It would be nice if someone from FPC team could take a look. Joining FPC list crossed my mind just to discuss this topic. I guess hope is the last to die. ::)

I enjoyed the journey... ::) This is one of the things you really want to put some effort in, because it is...
My thoughts exactly. Thank you for joining the ride!
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