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If I use Lazarus to make an Android app, can I distribute it on the Google Play Store? Please only respond if you know the answer.  :P
If the answer is yes, please let me know that YOU have actually succeeded in doing so. Surprisingly, I haven't run across the answer to this basic question. Thanks!!

Yes -,41866.0.html

One of the messages you wrote says you have the app on the play store that you wrote in Java? Did you re-write it using Lazarus? I see you have some recent dealings with Google. My impression is that they won't let your app support Android versions below 8? Or rather is it that they require the app to support version 8 but still allow it to support lower versions? Thank you so much for replying.

I don't have any apps on the app store, I just pointed to the thread by Blennerhed because he very recently messed with that whole version 8 thing, check the thread.

I compiled an app with the latest sdk and ndk with no problems, you need to ensure that's signed the apk and that's all. I will try in the near future to upload some Castle Engine app in the store.


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