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LNet UDP - Install Packages - OpenSSL
« on: August 10, 2018, 12:56:26 pm »
I am new to Lazarus. I want to controll an Arduino over Ethernet with UDP Packages (not TCP!), to do that I have to install LNet. The Problem is that I can´t install it as an Package because it gives me an error with some missing utilities. So I have found out that I need OpenSSL to use LNEt und to install Packets ine General. I´ve installed it and connected it to my System (sysdm.cpl...). But it still does not work. I also tried copying the lib in my project settingspath and it did not work aswell.
Can anyone explain to me how to Setup Lazarus(/OpenSSL) properly, so that I can run LNet and install packages? Also, is there another way, inbuilt to Lazarus, to send UDP Packages?

I will post my Error Codes from installing LNet later this evenning.



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