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Looking for a team of devs, ideally commercial to assist a project

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We are looking to engage with a team of developers, ideally a commercial operation based in the UK, to formally support a Delphi/Lazarus application.
It is a quite simple, small application (we have the source code and rights to use/develop it) but we have no internal resource and wish to have formal support going forward.
Is anyone aware of such an organisation or able to point me in the direction where I may find one? We do of course have funding for the project and support going forward.
Thanks very much in advance for any contributions.

Excuse me, did you not consider forming a freelance team scattered around the world? In my opinion the big problem is the bond on London. Otherwise you may find many interested here, or at least I think.

Thanks for the response.
We did ideally want a team, ideally based in the UK but failing that, your offer may be an interesting one.
I will watch this thread and consider options, thanks again.

IMHO Delphi/Lazarus/Fpc is one of the best stack that can be combined well with node.js for web, and C for system. Currently head to head competitors are C#, Python and Java.

There are many modern pascal based devs across the world who can be hired for projects I believed.

Excellent, thaats great to know. I am currently thinking that the best way may well be to form some kind of team on here. Ill update the post shortly with further information.


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