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MySQL 8 and Lazarus

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Forgive my ignorance, as I am somewhat a beginner at this.  I have recently been ask to program a database software.  I have decided to go with lazarus, and mysql for my software.  problem is there is only a data component for mysql 5.0 thru 5.7.  and I am running mysql server 8.  is there a package update out there somewhere that I havent come across yet that incorporates mysql 8?

You can use the package ZeosLib

This solution works for me: I have installed Lazarus v2.0 and MySQL server 8.0. For connection to MySQL server I use MySQL57Connection component and library libmySQL.dll v 5.7 (taken from the MySQL server 5.7 installation).

diego bertotti:

I had the same problem.

I was finally able to fix it, by copying libmysql.dll from the mysql lib folder. In my case, "D:\mysql57\lib", and you need to pay attention to binary versions. OS, .exe and dll must be all 64 or all 32 bit.

I used component 5.7, with dll version 5.7, but my mysql installation is version 8, (xampp) and it's working!

I just installed Lazarus on Windows and it has a MYSQL80 connector. Is it Windows only? My Linux version only goes up to 57.


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