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Absolute path of a project folder restored from backup


A project folder of mines has been deleted from C:, but I have a copy of the whole folder - including all subfolders - on a DVD.
So, I simply have to copy the folder from the backup-DVD to C:.
But I don't remember exactly by heart what the project folder's absolute path on C: was.

Does the absolute path necessarily have to be the same as it was before ?
I did not rename anything. Also the project folder itself, of course, has the original name.


Just copy it to wherever you want. Lazarus should only use relative paths (unless you specified absolute paths somewhere). After loading the project into Lazarus, look into the Project Options "Compiler Options" > "Path" to see whether there are any absolute paths.

Don't forget to erase the ReadOnly attribute of all files after copying from DVD/CD.

wp, I followed your instructions and everything worked fine.
Thank you very much.
Thanks for the hint about the "Read only" attribute!


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